Aggregate is the most straightforward blog about marketing, growth, and data.

1. a whole formed by combining several separate elements.
“the North Pole is an aggregate of polar bears and snowflakes” ❄️

It’s simple

The Aggregate blog has a single goal: to bring you straight-to-the-point digital marketing tactics spiced up with totally random images.

Aggregate is a blog about growth. 🚀

Growing you as a marketer, growing your marketing ROI, and learning from your marketing data.

About the author:

This blog is managed and authored by Karola Karlson. Everything you find on this blog is based on my own 3-year journey from a complete newbie to a growth marketer.

This blog is what I wish I’d had when starting out as an aspiring digital marketer – a daily go-to place to learn about cool marketing hacks from straightforward and high-quality articles.

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