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karola karlson

Aggregate blog is founded and authored by Karola Karlson, a growth marketer with explicit focus on performance marketing.

Karola’s a long-time contributor to some of the leading marketing and business blogs, including Entrepreneur, Content Marketing Institute, and Social Media Examiner.

Aggregate blog is the result of many years of experience as a SaaS growth marketer and Facebook advertising expert. Every article in this blog aims to give actionable advice that has been tried-and tested in real campaigns.


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Massimo-ChieruzziMassimo Chieruzzi, CEO at AdEspresso

Karola is one of the best content marketers we’ve worked with. She has delivered some brilliant and actionable Facebook marketing advice while always being oriented on growing our blog traffic. When it comes to Facebook marketing, Karola really knows her stuff.



Kristjan Jansons, CEO at MindTitan

Karola has helped to execute all the growth and marketing activities for MindTitan. What we like most, is that she knows her way around all the different growth channels and can advise us on everything from copywriting to advertising to website design. Karola is the perfect growth marketer to have by your side as an early-stage startup.



Taavi Kalvi

Taavi Kalvi, Co-founder of Holini, paid advertising expert

It was a pleasure working with Karola and having immediate access to her wealth of conversion-focused marketing expertise. If I could hire one copywriter on the whole planet, it would be Karola. She simply gets it – all of it, from value propositions and voice to design and branding. And, more than that, she’s a really, really good writer.



david bailey

David Bailey, CEO of Blue Mint Digital

I was always in awe of Karola’s ability to produce optimised content that not only engaged readers to our blog but increased lead conversions.
Karola is not afraid to challenge the status quo – she will consistently seek to re-evaluate and to moderate business practices and methodologies. This was especially true when we collaborated on our Marketing strategy and delivered increased results.



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